Adrenaline is Gone


We’re both pretty sapped. We were up at 5:00 a.m. (the middle of the night for us) in order to get to the hospital by the time we were supposed to check in. We weren’t exactly sure which part of the hospital we were supposed to go to – other than “OutPatient Services” – or where we were supposed to check in, once we found that – other than ‘3rd floor.’

We got through the surgery very well. My husband wanted to stop at Denny’s for breakfast on the way home. The adrenaline I had been building up for several days only allowed me three hours of sleep last night. My husband basically shows up – THEN asks if we have the paperwork we need, where are we supposed to go, etc. It’s a good thing I’m good at handling details….

The adrenaline left soon after we got home. We both took naps this morning.

My husband is doing really well, but it’s amazing that he’s alive at all. He came in while I was folding the laundry, asking if I were planning to ‘beat him up today.” I told him that it wasn’t in my plans. Then he showed me that he had taken off the eye protection the surgeon put on him, that he is supposed to keep on all day today, tonight while he’s sleeping, to be removed by the surgeon tomorrow.

He said he didn’t need it and it was hampering his efforts to read, work on the computer, etc. I’m afraid I yelled at him a bit. I got him to agree to put the protector back on at bedtime – but he isn’t great at following rules he thinks are ‘stupid’ or ‘unwarranted.’

He may not have to worry about whether the eye surgery worked or not…

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