Happy May 1st!

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I can’t remember where I was or how old I was when I actually got to do this one year, but I remember it was loads of fun. I vividly remember the excitement, the laughter, the delighted faces of everyone around me, young and old. I regret I am unable to give credit to the kind people who made this possible for me. It was the one and only time I did the Maypole Dance, and it was a high point in my life.

I looked up how one is actually supposed to do a Maypole Dance, since I don’t remember any particular rhyme or reason.

Put the Maypole together. Unless you have access to a Maypole that has already been made for the purpose, you will need to make your own. Find a tall pole and attach ribbons or strong streamers at the top of the pole. These ribbons will need to be an even number, the same number of ribbons as there are dancers.

Divide the dancers into two groups. For example, you might have them count off one, two, one, two, one, two around the circle, or A, B, A, B, etc. The A’s can go clockwise and the B’s go counterclockwise. The dancers go alternately right and left of the dancers going in the opposite direction.

Develop a pattern. The pattern the dancers should keep in mind is over, under, over, under, over, under etc.
On the count of “over”, the dancer raises his ribbon slightly so the dancer coming in the opposite direction can duck under his ribbon.
On the count of “under” the dancer ducks under the ribbon of the dancer coming in the opposite direction.

(Source – Wiki – How To Do Anything)

No excuses now for not stopping and participating, just in case you see a Maypole Dance going on. :0)

Happy May 1st to you!



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2 responses to “Happy May 1st!

  1. Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve chereed me up!

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