When Did We….?


We have found – as we age – we have trouble remembering stuff. Sometimes we’re trying to remember when something happened, when we bought something, how old something is, what brand of ____ did we buy?

My husband came up with an idea that has helped us MANY, MANY times. He started a spreadsheet on the computer several years ago (maybe 15 or 20 now). When he thinks something is important, or he just wants to remember it – he goes to the spreadsheet he creatively named, “Log” :0)  and types in the date and what he wanted to remember. Since it’s in spreadsheet form, it’s searchable.

For example, he wanted to know when I had my cataract surgery this morning. I had no clue, other than it was several years ago. He went to the log, typed in ‘cataracts’ and came up with September of 2012 in less time than I can type this. That got us on a discussion of other surgeries, and he could give me dates for each.

Rarely we get in a fight with someone who wants to charge us for something we didn’t order, or say we didn’t return something, or similar financial thing. It goes on the log, too. This has helped us MANY times. We can come up with the name of the person who told us – for example – my husband didn’t have to go up on our two-story roof to uninstall the dish so that it could be returned. When they wrote us they were going to charge us $99.00 next month because we hadn’t returned that part, we came up with the name of the person and a copy of the email that told us we didn’t have to.

Sometimes we want to know the name of the new rose-bush we planted. It’s in the log – what the name of it is and when we planted it. (The newest rose-bush is called “Sedona”)

You’d think it would take a long time to do this. It really doesn’t. And it’s a lifesaver for us.

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