Stained Glass Cabin

Christopher Jobson wrote a story for Colossal about Neile Cooper’s Stained Glass Sanctuary in Mohawk, New Jersey. On almost every flat space is one of Neile’s beautiful stained glass artworks.


I just can’t say enough about this. She built the cabin from recycled materials, then filled every space with a piece of stained glass.


I’m in awe of her talent. My husband and I have made some simple stained glass pieces. These are awe-inspiring, in that they are comprised of several pieces of glass with the design continuing, like a mural.


Creating the pieces shows incredible talent. THEN, putting them up in the cabin simply blows my mind.










I can only imagine how it all looks from the inside. I’m not sure I could ever leave.




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3 responses to “Stained Glass Cabin

  1. Looks really nice. Really talented master

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I see from your comment that you do stained glass. My husband and I try to do some simple things, so we know how difficult it is to do work of this incredible beauty. I could look at this for hours and still find new things. Thank you for writing!

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