Garden Images – April, 2017

I’ve just come in from a little over an hour of weeding and pruning in the garden. The pictures here were taken BEFORE I did that, ad I’m cringing a bit that you can see some little weeds and leaves that need to be removed, etc., but I wanted to share my delight in how well things seem to be doing now.

I actually have little bitty heads of broccoli coming on!


This is a terrible picture, but I have TWO cauliflower heads showing!


This is the largest celery plant, though I have several others. No clue yet whether I’ll actually get a stalk or not. (See what I mean about the little weeds? Most of them are gone now.


These are Georgia Sweet Onions. They seem to be happy now, rebounding from the hail storm.


This is one of two squares of radishes.


Red leaf lettuce.


This is the largest of the spaghetti squash plants I started from seed in the house.


And spinach. I was so delighted to find plants for sale this year at the local co-op. I hope that I thanked the guy effusively enough that he’ll try to get them again and again. I can’t be the only person looking for them and wanting to grow it.

I mainly cut up spinach for salads, or put the leaves in the rare sandwiches we eat now. I’m going to try to actually cook the leaves this year. It might be a thing where we love the stuff in the can, but the actually fresh leaves taste like a completely ‘different animal.’

Does anyone have directions for how best to cook fresh spinach leaves?


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4 responses to “Garden Images – April, 2017

  1. Your garden looks amazing, Linda 🙂
    I use spinach in so much food here, also prepared.
    For an example: I create a pie with different vegetables. In the pan I use a little olive virgin oil, paprika, mixed pepper, ginger, cumin. When this is mixed well, I place pieces of onion, fine cut garlic, red and green paprika. Mix and stir well in 5-8 minuts. Then add the washed spinach and stir for 2 minuts. Close the heat. Prepare the pie dough in a form, place the mixed vegetables equal upstairs the dough. Mix 3-4 eggs, salt, pepper, parsley or oregano or basilikum. Add a little fresh cheese, 2 soup spoons and mix well. Add all of it upstairs the vegetables and top with grated mozzarella after taste. Bake for 10-20 minuts in the oven at 175 C.
    This was just one idea, more to tell you, how you can prepare the spinach. Often I do prepare much more mixed vegetables, than I need to use now, then I place them in portions and to the freezer. Easy for another day.
    Enjoy 🙂

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