First Spring Harvest – 2017

I spent another couple of hours getting the garden under control, and things are looking a lot better now. I cut off dead stuff, harvested some  broken stuff and leaves that were torn or had bites out of them,  but would still be good to eat. I washed everything carefully in the sink and then patted the leaves. I harvested two gallon bags of lettuce and two of spinach. This is the lettuce I harvested today. It’s mostly romaine.


And this is the spinach. I hoping that the roots are good and strong and that the fact I had to harvest way more than I would have normally won’t hurt the plants.  I got a pretty good workout with the 3-1/2 hours of gardening today, and I feel good that I managed to save a lot of what I had to remove from the plants for us to enjoy.


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5 responses to “First Spring Harvest – 2017

  1. It is good, that you get to use these leaves, even if you have had those damaged because of the weather. Usually the roots are more strong. I have also been working in my garden, cleaning weeds mostly, which was also necessary.

    • We’ll have some of the lettuce and spinach in a salad for dinner tonight. They don’t have to be pretty to taste good. :0) I’m glad the weather cooperated with your working in your garden. What are you growing this year?

      • Good to hear Linda. I have bought some new flowers, Lavender, Campanula & Begonia in the last days and I hope to be able to enjoy them for a long time. If I find space, some will be planted around here. I don’t have more than holes in the ceramical’s here, so I can’t do so much more. I would love to find some nice bowls for flowers too.

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