Still Paying the Price

I told you that I sliced my finger instead of the roast beef several days ago. It’s been a challenge trying not to get my bandage wet while cooking, cleaning, washing my hair, showering, etc., so I’m moving (and typing) a bit more slowly than usual. I think it’s healing fine. I think I was right on the borderline for needing stitches, so I’m grateful I could bandage it carefully and protect it from further irritation with vet wrap.

I’ll be very glad when I get to what passes for normal. I’m just using band-aids now, so it doesn’t look as dramatic as it did. This episode is like locking your keys in your car. By the time you get the problem solved, it was so unpleasant that you don’t do it again for another 20 years or so…


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2 responses to “Still Paying the Price

  1. I wish, that you will heal fast, Linda 🙂
    Take care.

    • Thanks, Irene. Deep slices seem to heal rather slowly. As long as I heal well, I won’t gripe too much. I was the clumsy one who didn’t pay close enough attention in the first place.

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