Be the Reason

Life Lessons by AwePost

We are all busy, caught up in what we need or want to accomplish today. It’s easy to move around in your own little bubble, concentrating on getting to the next thing. Every time I see someone take just a moment out of their day to open the door for someone, lift a package, let someone ahead of them in line – do some little thing they didn’t have to do to lighten someone else’s load – I feel three things:

  1. I feel guilty that “I” wasn’t aware enough to do it,
  2. Very glad that there ARE people who DO see the need and do it in such a natural fashion you know they do things like this all the time, and
  3. Determined to pay more attention to what’s going on around me so that “I” can contribute.


Filed under Attitude, Challenges, Encouragement

2 responses to “Be the Reason

  1. Very positive post, Linda 🙂

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