Hummingbird Bird Bath – THERE!!!!

I’ll put plants on the railing on either side of the bird bath, and also on the table, but you can get a good idea of what the whole project looks like now.  The bucket attached to the tub catches the water. The pump at the bottom of the bucket recirculates the water. The timer is ‘on’ during daylight and ‘off’ at dark.


I put bricks in the bottom so the water won’t be too deep. I’m picturing hummingbirds standing on the various rocks, shells, etc. and darting through the water. :0)  You can see our cocker spaniel/schnauzer cross, Molly, through the screen of the back porch.


This is a close up of the far end of the bird bath.


I can’t tell you how much we’re enjoying the sound of the water! We have the back door to the porch open to enjoy both the nice weather plus the’water of the ‘waterfall.”


I haven’t seen a hummer yet, but we’re hoping to soon. We have a feeder out, and now, the bird bath, so we hope they’ll feel welcomed. I’ll try to get pics if/when the hummers check this out.

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