I added the timer to the hummingbird bird bath this morning and took a couple of pictures, because I thought the water looked so pretty in the sunlight.




THEN, I noticed the pump was kind of ‘hiccuping’. I added water to the pump and it got a bit better, but still didn’t act right. When my husband and I looked at it together, we realized we must have a leak somewhere.

Since this morning, we’ve had the whole thing apart and together again TWICE. Right now the tub is in the shop again, with a fourth idea for sealing the water level valve. We also went to a flexible tubing, rather than the rigid pvc pipe set up we had, because it was pushing against the bottom of the tub, causing a bit of strain.

SO –

We’re letting the newly sealed valve dry overnight and we’ll try things again tomorrow – or the next day if we get rained out, as forecast, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I got some more greenery and will rethink the toys and arrangement when they go in again – assuming we can get the system to quit leaking!


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3 responses to “Frustration

  1. I’m sure, that you two will find a solution, Linda 🙂

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