The Hummingbird Bird Bath is Finished!

The actual hummingbird bath is now finished. I’ll add plants on either side of the bath on the railings, plus a basket of flowers for the table, hummingbird feeder hanging above somewhere, etc., but the main project is finished.


I gathered things from around the house to put into the bath – a ceramic bath tub with a lady in it, three glass hummingbird feeders that were prettier than they were practical, shells, a frog, some aquarium decorations, some rocks, and some bricks – both for the decorations and in the middle for the hummingbirds to stand on, if they wish.


Here you can see the ‘stuff’ I’m hoping the hummingbirds will like. I can see myself changing things from time to time, which will be half the fun of the bird bath!

I LOVE the sound of the water. I really hadn’t thought of that, and I find it very appealing and relaxing. Between that, and the wind chimes from the back porch, it will make a great spot for us most of the year.

When the hummers come, I’m hoping they really like it. I’ll try to get some pics if they do.




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4 responses to “The Hummingbird Bird Bath is Finished!

  1. This is really such a great idea Linda, I hope that you will get lots of new visitors 🙂

    • I wish we could take credit for the idea, rather than just doing our version of it, Irene. We’ve developed leaks today, and so are having to rethink the plumbing. Maybe we’ll have it up again tomorrow or the next day.

      • Your idea is yours and we do all find inspiration around us, Linda 🙂
        I find my inspiration many times by looking around me, but I do never copy anything directly, this is boring.
        Just like you and your husband found your way to create this.

        • I’m just really grateful that my husband is so good about figuring out how to do things like this. Hopefully, the fixes we made yesterday will hold and we can get the bird bath up again today. :0)

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