I Have the Sleepies

“Dog – Tired” – Michelle Cazares

My husband and I went to get more parts for the hummingbird bird bath project this morning. We have it almost finished. We got it together and tested it, but it was leaking from the bottom of the tub. We took it back into the shop, dried it, and put a really expensive ‘goo’ that’s a good sealer around the fixture in the bottom of the tub. We’re letting it dry for 24 hours and then will put the bird bath together again tomorrow. We got a timer today so that it will be on in daylight and off during the night, making the pump last longer (we hope.)

I’ll take pics when we get it back together tomorrow, and then I’ll start gathering goodies to put into it to entertain the hummingbirds…

I’ve got the sleepies now, so I’m going to step away from the computer and rest a bit.

Hope your day is going well.



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4 responses to “I Have the Sleepies

  1. Great photo of the sleepy dog! It’s nice to be able to rest when we feel the need.

  2. Nice puppy Linda 🙂
    I’m looking much forward to see your new bath.

    • Isn’t that the cutest picture? I think Michelle Cazares is a wonder with a camera. We MIGHT get the basics of the hummingbird bird bath done today. If we do, I’ll share pics. THEN I want to figure out what to put into it that I think the hummingbirds might get a kick out of. :0)

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