Saga of the Important Information Sheet Continues

I told you yesterday that I was in Day Two of trying to list ‘important stuff’ all in one place for our son. I was in the middle of it when our good friend, Carla, called, asking if she could buy some of our sheet iron. She said she would be here sometime yesterday afternoon.

The first break occurred when I went out to visit my husband in the shop.

The second was when UPS brought a package.

The third was Carla. She was trying to make a burn barrel. She wanted something to put across the top to keep burning stuff from being blown out and causing problems.

Common Sense Homesteading

The picture above gives you an idea of what she wanted to do.  The first thing my husband suggested was that she should cut out the bottom of the barrel, rather than drilling or shooting holes in it. We showed her our barrel and she liked what we were doing. We ended up taking our truck and going back to her house to get the barrel. It turned out that she had two, so we brought those back. We took them out to the shop, where my husband asked if Carla wanted to learn how to use our torch. She did, so she cut out the bottoms of both barrels as we watched and helped. My husband then cut three stakes to length, sharpened one end of each a bit so they would pound into the ground more easily. Carla has a sledge-hammer, plus blocks to put the barrel on. We put the barrels, stakes, and scrap sheet iron into the back of our truck. I drove her home and helped her get the stuff out of the truck. When she again insisted on paying, I just smiled, gave her neck a good hug, and left. By the time I got home, though, it was 6:00. So we called it a day.

So much for the progress on the important information sheet….


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2 responses to “Saga of the Important Information Sheet Continues

  1. It is always nice to be able to help others, Linda 🙂

    • Yes, we love to be able to help our friends and neighbors. I’m beginning to think, though, that this project is doomed to big delays. It’s something each and every day…. :0)

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