Severe Weather – Take 2

Right now there is a pretty stiff wind, dark clouds, etc., but nothing severe. Forecast for this afternoon and tonight, though, is severe weather – again – with damaging winds, rain, possible tornadoes, and flying hair balls. This is our usual weather for April, and then through the hot, hot summer – NOT March.



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We called our friends, cancelling the usual Monday bowling. We don’t need to be 45 minutes away from home in a large, warehouse-type building with the truck out in the weather, hoping nothing bad happens. I would be much happier in our home, with our animals around us, hoping nothing bad happens. :0)

Our dogs and cats are pretty oblivious to the weather, thankfully. Our sweet pit bull, Bambi, is old and deaf. He doesn’t even hear LOUD thunder. Our schnauzer/cocker spaniel cross, Molly, is her usual happy self, even if we have loud cracks. The cats sleep through everything. I’M the one whose nerves are on end with lots of wind noises, loud cracks and big booms of thunder. I tie up our wind chimes because they drive me nuts in weather like this.

We still have a shutter that blew down during the last severe thunderstorm. We’ve fixed the rest of the minor things that happened, but it has been too windy for my husband to be up on a two-story ladder, trying to keep balanced while trying to put the shutter up again. We think we’ll have to use liquid nails this time because there isn’t much in the brick to “screw-into” anymore. I tried to get my husband to agree that we would hire someone to do this, to no avail. We may have more than the one shutter after tonight…

It’s another good day to stay home and be thankful for our warm, dry house.

If you’re having iffy weather where you are, stay warm and safe.


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2 responses to “Severe Weather – Take 2

  1. We have been lucky to get sunshine again, so I have enjoyed some time outside too. Stay warm and take good care of all of you Linda 🙂

    • On first glance, we seem to have come through the storm without more damage. I’m feeling very lucky. Thanks, Irene. I’m so glad to hear that your weather is good now and that you and Odin are able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. :0)

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