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1000+ Funny Quotes on Pinterest

1000+ Funny Quotes on Pinterest

Many of the most wonderful memories I have are of things I did spontaneously. Sometimes I was even reluctant, with my first reaction being, ‘no.’  I like to plan – to know what’s happening in advance – to prepare – and even to be proactive. So it really goes against the grain to throw caution to the wind and just DO IT.

I see this as something I need to work on, since I realize I would have missed out on some truly great things. Now I push myself to get outside my comfort zone – albeit rarely and slowly. My world expands and I wonder WHY I didn’t try this before. Even if I decide I never want to do THAT again, at least I tried it.

I’ve seen many of my friend’s worlds get smaller and smaller. They become more and more cautious. They go out less. They try nothing new. It seems they prefer to live in their own little world in the past. Memories are wonderful, but I hurt for them, and I hurt for my tendency to think about doing the same.  We need to be creating NEW memories.

I am challenging myself to do something I haven’t tried before every once in a while.  I started doing yoga for the first time a few months ago. Now I regret that I haven’t been doing it for years. It has added a richness to my life – added goals I didn’t have before – challenges me to work at getting better every day.

I love this sign –

Lisa Bearnes Richey

Lisa Bearnes Richey

Having tried yoga when I was intimidated and seeing how MUCH t it is helping me, it encourages me to reach out to other things I don’t want to miss. I hope that you are getting outside your comfort zone – even slowly – to renew your lease on life, too.

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