A Tour of My Refurbished Window Sill

I told you that during a severe thunderstorm last week, one of our dining area windows we didn’t latch blew open, carrying half of my plants and other goodies off the window sill and onto the floor, all in a heap.

I have re-potted what I could and planted more.


Two celery plants: the one on the left was undisturbed. I re-potted the one on the right with fingers crossed.




Three more celery plants.



The large leafed plant is a spaghetti squash that was dashed to the floor. I think it MIGHT live! The other plants here are celery plants.



This is a long-lived plant that I started years ago. Happily, it was just to the left of the window that blew open.



One of my dear friends gave me this orchid a couple of years ago. It was looking sad, and suddenly it had these two blooms!



A newly started group of spaghetti squash. No action yet.




A newly planted bunch of spinach seeds. No action yet here, either.

I’m hoping I can transfer some of these plants to the garden mid month. I’ve never had celery grow before, so I’m excited to see if I can actually do it. The spaghetti squash is an entirely new try, too. I saved the seeds from the squash I bought from the store.

I haven’t found ANY spinach plants locally, so I’m especially eager for the new seeds to do well. I was really sad when the ones I had growing were thrown onto the floor. They were about 2 inches high. Fingers crossed!


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4 responses to “A Tour of My Refurbished Window Sill

  1. Your plants are looking good, I hope, that you were lucky this time Linda 🙂

  2. Oh no, that is horrible you lost your plants !! I have not been online much lately, so I appologize for not checking in. I am binge reading today to get caught up with what you have been up to !!! We started a vegan diet a month ago today , and it has taken me weeks of getting used to all the cutting up and preparing veggies, making beans and rice on an almost daily basis, but I am finally getting used to it all !!
    I have never planted a head of celery, got one in the fridge, you have inspired me to try it !! I have a bunch of herbs I picked up potted in bigger pots now, a bunch of basil, some different mints, oregano, sage, dill, thyme, and a lemon basil also, and some onion chives. I have not started the veggies yet, but plan to in a few weeks, once I am sure no random freeze is coming through. Usually the end of March is our last freeze, but I would be shocked if we had one now, it is so warm. I am mad at myself, I meant to save some seeds from my spaghetti squash the other day and forgot, but I have two butternuts to cook, I will make sure I plant some of those !!!
    well on to your other posts to catch up !!!

    • Thanks for the super nice note, Stephie. I’ve missed you! I know first-hand how very hard it is to change what and how you’re cooking. Congratulations on making the change, and I hope it’s great for you and your family. It’s wonderful you’re growing herbs. I’m such a plebian cook that I only use the herbs designated in the recipes I’m using, so I haven’t gotten into using fresh stuff. I have a couple of times, but couldn’t use up the whole bunch quickly enough… I got some plants in the garden today (will blog about it in a second) and have more stuff on the porch to move out there soon. Good luck with your garden and your new eating plan! Please keep me up on how you’re doing.

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