Another Lesson Learned on Exercising at the Lewises

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Yoga Cat

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I’ve been having lower back pain the last few days – due probably to old age, rather than having strained it in any way.

This afternoon I decided I would do a session of yoga for my lower back and then a ‘flow’ to see if they would help. I was in the middle of my practice, doing deep, conscious breathing while trying to press my lower back into the floor, when all of a sudden my dog decided to step over me to get to his bed.

This doesn’t sound like much except our pit bull, Bambi, weighs about 80 lbs now and is a clutz in the first order of magnitude. I realized vaguely what was happening and put my arms up to defend myself, causing his foot to GRAZE the outer edge of my right eye, rather than stepping directly ON it. Needless to say, even grazing my eye hurt like the devil.

My husband was in his chair watching the whole thing, eating Doritos, seemingly oblivious.

I rolled over, getting up as fast as this old lady could – especially with back pain,-and limped to the bathroom to see how bad my eye was. I really lucked out. The outer edge of my eye socket is pretty sore to the touch, and I may end up with a bit of a shiner, but that seems to be the extent of it. I made an ice pack and held that on it for a bit, and then took some Ibuprofen.  My husband finally asked me if I was all right. HE’s still all right, too. I’ve decided that if I DO get a shiner, I’ll suggest my husband was the cause of it….

Bambi, who is old and deaf, never realized anything happened and is happily snoring on his dog bed. I decided that I would be unable to relax enough to continue my exercise today, so I’ll try it again tomorrow.

I have learned yet another good lesson of doing yoga – make sure the animals are all in the office behind the gate before I start!


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2 responses to “Another Lesson Learned on Exercising at the Lewises

  1. Send you healing thoughts, Linda 🙂
    Here the animals also like to join in, when I do my yoga. Sometimes it is fun and other times a little annoying.

    • Thanks, Irene. I appreciate your kind healing thoughts. It never occurred to me that the dog would just walk over my head, heedlessly stepping on my EYE. I won’t be able to relax now unless he’s penned up in another room (where there is another dog bed) or outside while I’m relaxed and vulnerable on the floor. My other animals don’t weigh NEAR as much, so it wouldn’t cause a problem if they stepped on me.

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