Storm Aftermath

Protocol Online

Protocol Online

We lucked out, not having much damage from really bad thunderstorms here early this morning.

I was afraid we would have lots of limbs/trees in the driveway, possible roof damage on the house or shop, damage or the whole roof blown off the deck, etc.

Happily enough, our damage was minor.

  • One of the windows in our dining area blew open, carrying half of the stuff on the window sill with it. Apparently, we forgot to LATCH the window the last time we washed it. I had Mel’s Mix all over the floor, a smashed ceramic planter, my spinach sprouts, some of the celery plants, the spaghetti squash sprout, and more. I’ve repotted what I could. I’ll have to start over on the spinach. Happily, the glass table in the dining area was fine, and we had no water damage – just a bunch to clean up on the floor.
  • One of the window shutters fell off from the second floor. We’ll have to wait for a less windy day to try to put that back up.
  • The 50 gallon plastic barrels we had beside the shop had blown all over the place. We rounded them up.
  • The trash cans in the garden had blown over. The fence around the garden kept them from blowing away. I gathered them up and put them to rights.
  • And – finally – we drove down the driveway to do errands and found our robot (all 200 lbs of him) had blown over! We took off his head and the arm that holds hit hat while we labored to stand him up again. It was quite a job. We put the heavy chain back around his neck, and put his arm and head back on. His hat was damaged a bit and his antenna on his head was broken, but other than that, he was fine.

We had to go back up to the house to wash our hands before we could go do our errands. We saw a couple of downed large trees on the way to town, plus a basketball set up that was blown across a yard, but that’s all the damage we saw.

We feel lucky to have had so little problem from a large storm.


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6 responses to “Storm Aftermath

  1. Glad there was no major damage.

    • Thank you, Genie. In the past we haven’t been so lucky, so it gives us a much better perspective when we have annoying minor things to fix. I hope everyone else was as lucky as we were. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Good to hear, that all of you are good, Linda 🙂

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