Happiness is living so long that you no longer live for the weekends, trying to cram wonderful things into the too-swiftly-passing time that seems over almost as soon as it starts.

I feel a bit guilty now that, having lived this way most of my life, the tables have flipped!

I still enjoy weekends, but they also mean that I have to wait until Monday to be able to make calls to businesses, make appointments, and other things that require the work week.

I used to be frustrated with businesses because they opened after I went to work and closed before I finished work, and weren’t open on Saturdays or Sundays. I found the businesses that were open late, or open on the weekends, giving them all my business to make up for all the places that might as well not exist, as far as I was concerned. I also tended to resent people who DIDN’T have to cram everything into the weekend cluttering up the stores and businesses when they COULD have been there during the work week…

My husband is upset with weekends because the stock market isn’t open. Most deliveries don’t happen on the weekends. Lots of places where you need to speak to a person are closed until Monday.

I’m happy now that I’m free to schedule much of my time as I want, only having to work around scheduled appointments. I now make a point of handling my issues either before lunch or after lunch, rather than AT the lunch hour when working people are trying to dash around getting needed things done so that they can rush back to work. I try to avoid shopping on weekends – except for WalMart, which is always open and always busy.

I kind of miss planning for the weekends as I used to, living for a day off or maybe even more than one day off together! I rarely took vacations, since my work just sat there accumulating for when I got back. Now that I have my own website, I work all hours of the day and night, checking for and filling orders, answering emails, putting new things up, talking to people who would like to list their work with me, etc. I work harder now than I did before, never really being off, but loving it, nonetheless.

‘Monday is coming’ means different things to each of us, depending on our state in life.



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3 responses to “Reality

  1. I can easily follow you here, Linda 🙂
    When I worked, I never had time for shopping, as I wished to. Now I have all the time, but are still working a lot, just from home. One thing I appreciate very much now is, that I can schedule my own days totally. This is the best, I feel.

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