This is Abby

This is Abby


And this is Smoke

And this is Smoke

Abby puts up with Smoke grudgingly. And sometimes, not at all, hissing and spitting and wanting on the opposite side of the door from her. “Compatibility” is NOT their thing.

As I was typing this afternoon, I noticed an amazing thing!



Smoke and Abby were in the bed at my feet under the counter NOT fighting!  I took a picture quickly because this is such a rare event.

Miracles DO occur!


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6 responses to “Com”cat”ibility!

  1. They might have needed time to get used to each other, Linda. Many cats are like this.

    • I hope you’re right, but I think this was just a wonderful moment to record.

      • I have had several cats, while I lived in Denmark. They all demanded time to get used to each other and the worst enemies ended up laying close and slept together, just like in your photo, even if this took long time, before it happened.

        • Smoke is relentless in licking Abby until Abby is ready to scream. Smoke also insists on jumping Abby over and over again. Abby puts up with it as long as she can stand it, and then hisses and spits and wants to get away from her. Smoke’s personality is strong. I think Smoke will just have to mature before they can get along all of the time. They’re co-exisiting well now.

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