Christmas in February

I finished painting my “Gingerbread Cookies” Wooden personalized ornament collection this afternoon!



Cookie Plate 1 – “Angel,” “Bell with Clapper,” “Ornament,” “Fancy Snowflake,” and “Rounded Snowflake.”



Cookie Plate 2 –  “Teddy Bear,” “Moose,” and “Christmas Cookie.”



Cookie Plate 3 – “Butterfly,” “Rudolph,” “Starburst,” and “Small Christmas Tree.”



Cookie Plate 4 – “Rounded Christmas Tree,” “Christmas Stocking,” “Snowman,” and “Birdhouse.”




Cookie Plate 5 –  “Rounded Bell,” “Dove,” and “Mitten.”

Each of these is made of light weight wood, perfect to hang on your tree. The back is painted brown, like the front, with a white band across for personalization. You can have the name of the recipient and the year,  “to _____ from _____ and the year,” “_____’s First Christmas and the year,” etc. at no extra charge. The size of the ornaments ranges from approximately 2.5″ across to 5″ across.  You can order as many ornaments as you like. They can be made to look like the ones above or each one can be different. I’ll work with you to make these just the way you want them. As each one is painted by hand, please allow approximately 3 weeks for creation and delivery. If you would like to order several of the same ornament, please email me at to check quantity in stock, as more time may be needed if you need more than I have on hand.

You are the first to see these. They aren’t listed on Creative Artworks yet. I’ll have them up soon. “:0)













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2 responses to “Christmas in February

  1. Your ornaments look very good, Linda 🙂

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