Folding Myself into a Paper Airplane – Help for my Back



I told you that I recently did ‘something mysterious ‘ and messed up my back. It took almost a full week of heat pad, Ibuprofen and a pain patch to get it to ease up. Yesterday I finished the job by doing my own group of yoga poses to stretch my back in all directions, slowly and carefully.

Once again, I’m grateful that I found “Gentle Yoga” by SixtyandMe.  It’s almost as if events in my life are now categorized as “Before” or “After” I started practicing yoga. Since I’m definitely getting “long in the tooth,” I’m so happy I found some DVDs expressly created for folks like me, who have never tried yoga before. They know that the people trying to follow the practice might have health issues, might be sore from surgeries, are probably stiff, and are probably worried that they won’t be able to do it at all.  (My biggest problem when I started – and remains – getting up off the floor! I’m working on it. )

Cat Kabira eases you into each pose, giving you several alternatives, stressing that if you’re trying to do the pose, you’re getting the benefits. She stresses there is no perfect yoga pose, that you’re trying to listen to your own body, breathe into the poses, and provide what your body needs to get stronger, more flexible, and feel better.

I’m the poster girl for ‘couch potato.’  I really don’t ‘enjoy’ exercising. I don’t have a group of cute outfits and live to go to the gym. But I’ve finally created a good regimen for me for right now, including yoga Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; elliptical trainer Tuesday and Thursday, upper body strength exercises on Saturday, and lower body exercises on Sunday. By the end of each week I feel I’m doing a good job of moving more. I’m not bored with my regimen and I’m feeling a difference. I feel a bit looser when I walk. I feel muscles working now that I didn’t know I had.

So, I still don’t know what I did to cause my back to hurt. I sure don’t want to do whatever it was again. But if I do, I’ll try to ease into some careful stretching sooner with my yoga. I’m beginning to consider it not only good exercise, but a lifesaver.



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3 responses to “Folding Myself into a Paper Airplane – Help for my Back

  1. I’m very happy to read, that you found out, that yoga is a life safer, Linda 🙂

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