Roller Coaster

Today the high in Greenwood, Arkansas is forecast to be 83. (It’s already 78.)  Every day or so we’re having a lovely, spring-like day followed by a couple of days with highs in the 50s. It’s no wonder that so many people are having allergy problems and getting sick. It’s glorious right now, though, and we have our front and back doors open to air out the house. Even though both dogs have just been out, they ran out onto the back porch to find spots in the sun to enjoy.

I’m itchy to start planting veggies in our raised bed square foot garden, but it’s definitely premature. I’m going to hold myself to planting Georgia Sweet Onion sets next week and we’ll see what happens with the weather. My birthday is in March and it has snowed here on my birthday. I think we probably have some real winter left.

Yesterday after I did some more cleaning, I gave myself the gift of some time in my art room. I’ve told you that got the idea for “Gingerbread Cookies” Christmas cards and wooden ornaments a long time ago, but have been having trouble making time to actually get upstairs and work on this. The custom Christmas cards are finished and are on Creative Artworks.  I’m having a lot of fun “decorating” the painted wooden ornaments now. It’s just like baking sugar cookies, except on wood. I’ll show pics when I have a reasonable number of samples finished.

When I finish these, I have a really nicely shaped glass bowl in the shop that I’m planning to do a mosaic design on. There are only a couple of stages where mosaic work is work-intensive (meaning you can’t stop until that stage is completely finished) so it’s a nice project for this time of the year before I get busy in the garden and the flower beds.

I ‘yoged’ yesterday, stretching the last of the soreness out of my back, so I’m feeling sassy now. It’s such a pleasure not having to ‘worry’ about having to cough or sneeze; plus being able to get up or down, or into and out of the car without pain!

We have nothing we HAVE to do today, so I’m enjoying a leisurely pace, doing what occurs to me, enjoying the day. I hope that YOU are enjoying YOUR day, as well.


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