Look Quickly While My Floor is Clean!



I’ve told you that I’m a slob and that housekeeping rates priority only above bookkeeping and tax prep.

Yesterday I finally vacuumed my first floor tiles. This is a big thing for me, because doing this involves

  • walk-in pantry
  • kitchen
  • dining area
  • utility room
  • a hallway
  • two half baths

Then I mopped with a nice solution of white vinegar, baking soda, dishwashing liquid and lots of warm water. Today I’ve just finished applying Rejuvenate, a new-t0-me floor cleaner that is supposed to do a really good job on tile.  When that dries, I’ll put on a super thin layer of shine. Then I can ignore the floor again for a time before I have to move everything out again and start over.  (Two days if I’m lucky)

With two messy people, two slobbering dogs, and two cats who shed as they walk across the floor, trying to keep things reasonably clean around here is a definite challenge – particularly for a slob like me.

My husband insists that I am able to shoot an intruder, change a tire, clean outside lint traps, mow the lawn, etc., but insists he is unable to tell one end of the vacuum from the other. He ‘cannot see’  a giant hairball as it slides across the room when the door is opened. He doesn’t realize we have a mop. He’s wonderful in LOTS and LOTS of ways, but he considers cleaning and cooking to be MY things.

As soon as the floor dries, I’ll hit it with a bit of shine and then insist my husband ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ several times during the day and evening ( assuming we haven’t already spilled stuff and the dogs and cats stayed outside…)


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4 responses to “Look Quickly While My Floor is Clean!

  1. I don’t think, that I’m better than you for this cleaning Linda 🙂
    With animals, it is just more difficult to keep clean. We can change our shoes, when we walk inside, but they don’t have same possibility.

    • I’m not sure who is worse, my husband and I or the animals. We ALL track in, shed, spill, etc. at an alarming rate. I barely finish cleaning and it’s messed up again. I just try to content myself by looking at it a LOT the few minutes it looks good. :0)

  2. I am messy too and I have a linoleum floor that won’t come clean.

    • Oh, THANK YOU for letting me know I’m not the only one, Onisha! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. After I wrote the blog post, I went in and there were white streaks all over the dark floor. I had to use Mop & Glo on the whole thing twice before it looked reasonable. That’s IT for awhile!

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