Still Feeling Old

Today I got some pain patches to try on my back. Added to the Ibuprofen and heat pad, I hope it will do the trick.

I’m doing better, but I’m not my normal BUBBLY self by any means.

Since I’m not completely incapacitated,  my husband and I will try to change out the ducting for our dryer later today. We read in Handy Man magazine that the one we’re using is not the best for preventing a lint fire. We have the best outside hookup for lint you can buy (having read about THAT last year.). I also hand wash the dryer filter once a month with lots of soap and hot water, as suggested elsewhere.

The last piece of the puzzle is the ducting stuff. We hadn’t even thought of that, so we picked up the semi-rigid aluminum system they recommended and will get it installed ASAP.

Before and after this installation, the heat pad and I will get cozy.

Hope your day is a good one.


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4 responses to “Still Feeling Old

  1. I wish, you will feel better in short time Linda. Send you healing thoughts.

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