New Clearance Items on Creative Artworks

Right now there are two new categories of clearance items at Creative Artworks:  Fun scarves and hand-painted soap bars.

These are hand-crocheted super-long skinny scarves designed to wrap around your neck several times or around your waist as a fashion statement. They have long, fun fringe, too, to help you play.

The ones above are just two samples of the scarves on sale. Usually, they’re $30, but they’re on sale now at half price. PLUS, as always at Creative Artworks, shipping is free to the contiguous United States.


Also on sale are hand-painted bars of soap!


"Little Dove" Hand-Painted Soap Bar by Linda Lewis

“Little Dove” Hand-Painted Soap Bar by Linda Lewis

Fun bars of soap to dress up your guest bath – to celebrate the coming spring, in the case above. Each bar is OOAK, using a Jergens Mild Soap bar.  The top of each bar is hand-painted, then sealed with two coats of varnish. This allows the painting to remain for as long as possible while the bar is used as usual.

Usually the price if $5.50. Now $2.25 with free shipping.

See all scarves and soaps on clearance

Happy shopping!



2 responses to “New Clearance Items on Creative Artworks

  1. I love your creativity, Linda 🙂

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