Growing a Child

Two Women and a Hoe via Cathy Ruggiero via Two Women and a Hoe via Cathy Ruggiero

I was born in Chicago, Illinois several years ago. :0)   We then moved to Long Island, New York. I have only vague memories of the house we lived in.  When I was 5, we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My family didn’t grow things. My earliest memory of a plant was the cactus my mother planted by the house. I became aware of it intimately when I was trying to get our cat to come to me. I was bending over in the foliage around the house, lost my balance and SAT on the cactus plant. My mom was upset with me for sitting on her plant…

The Lewises lived on the next street over. In second grade I was in love with one of their sons. My best friend was in love with him, too. We had a fight on the playground over him and ended up in the principal’s office. There was a contest for 2nd grade king and queen. He, of course, was king. My friend and I vied for ‘queen.’ The prize went to another friend, whose name was prophetically Linda QUEEN…

I met my husband-to-be, the oldest Lewis son, when I was 14. When we were dating, I visited his parents often.  His mom had a vegetable garden. I recognized the tomato plants, which happily had nice red tomatoes growing, but I was totally ignorant, otherwise. I felt like a child at Christmas, looking in amazement at actual plants that became ‘food.’ I KNEW, of course, where vegetables came from (in general) but I had never seen any of them growing. My mother-in-law-to-be gave me a tour of the garden, showing me which group of plants was which. I’ll never forget my fascination.  I just couldn’t get enough. I decided, while I was in the garden, that I really wanted one of my own someday.

Umpteen years later I finally am enjoying my chance. I’m still fascinated watching things grow. Right now I’m trying to grow celery on the window sill.


This shows you two stages of trying to grow celery indoors. The two glasses in the foreground are the newest. I cut them off the stalks I bought at the grocery store Sunday and put them in water. The one in the back has been growing a few days now. (I had to throw one away. Sometimes the bottom of the stalk just seems to ‘sog.’)



This is one of the two planters on the window sill. The little plant on the left side was just put into the soil last night.



These plants are about two weeks old. I LOVE watching them grow. I still have no clue if I’ll actually get celery or not, but it’s so much fun to watch!



Several days ago I started some spinach seeds in little peat pots and put them on the table in the sun. Nothing at ALL happened. I’m not sure if the seeds were too old, the peat pots too old, or I was “holding my mouth wrong,” but nothing was happening. I gave up on them and started some seeds this morning, using Mel’s Mix in three larger planters. I’m just hoping SOME of the seeds will sprout. I don’t care if I end up planting CLUMPS of spinach in the garden. I’ll want to harvest them individual leaves at a time, so it doesn’t really matter. Since I have a really hard time finding spinach plants to purchase in the spring or fall around here, I would be really happy if I can get some of these to grow. Maybe THIS time…


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2 responses to “Growing a Child

  1. It is nice to hear more about you and your life, Linda 🙂
    I wish you all good luck with your planting.

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