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Hooraaaaaaay!  I just finished my tax prep for 2016. All we need to do now is wait for our investment statement.

Every year I’m getting a bit better. I used to get completely stressed out, buried in paperwork, having trouble finding things, etc.

Now I have some folders right beside my computer where I keep most of the receipts I need. I also have a folder on my computer so I can keep track of online donations.

Our wonderful CPA sends us a workbook each year, showing what was listed for last year. By the time I’ve worked through that, all the receipts are gathered, totaled, and put into the envelope of ‘stuff’ to go.

I still procrastinate – still hate doing bookkeeping and tax prep – but I’m finally acting a LITTLE bit more like an adult about it now…

A huge weight has been lifted!!!!!!!

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