Abby in Pot


We had a glorious day yesterday – sunshine-y with temperatures in the mid 70s – unheard of for the first day of February. Abby went from lying upside down, lolling out of the cat bed ON TOP OF one of the dog bed, to making a nest in one of the pots I brought in from the deck to the back porch. We LOVE being able to open the back door and the front door, airing out the house.

Today we’re having more normal temperatures – mid 40s – but still really good. All the animals are opting for short runs outside followed by major naps inside. I just checked and have two dogs, two cats, and one husband all asleep in their various ‘nests’ of the moment. :0)

I planted one more celery plant in the dirt on a planter on the window sill. That makes three plants in the soil and 3 more in glasses of water. I’m having a great time, whether I end up with actual stalks of celery or not. I’m going to get ready to plant spinach plants very soon, hoping that my moniker of “Serial Seed Killer” no longer applies.

I’ve been a good girl today, finishing up our office deduction spreadsheet for taxes. Tomorrow I’ll tackle totaling up the rest of our deductions. Hopefully, we’ll be ready to dump everything on our wonderful CPA soon.

I’m going out to spend time on the elliptical now, and then will see about fixing us some lunch.

I hope YOU’RE having a happy, productive day, too!



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2 responses to “Abby in Pot

  1. Are you growing new cats, Linda?
    Your day seem to be very productive 😀

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