Squirrel – du – Soleil



We were quite entertained by a very athletic, agile, hungry squirrel this morning.

As we ate breakfast, he darted around the railing on our deck. He got into the bottle filled with birdseed right outside the window, eating one sunflower seed at a time, getting halfway into the gallon-sized bottle that lies on its side in a special feeder. Then one of us moved and the show was on.

He leaped from the bottle to the railing on one side of the deck ran all the way around the deck, then leaped up onto the side of the porch beside the screen and up onto the top of the deck. He then jumped to our roof and away.

As we continued to eat, he returned over and over, delighting us with a TV-worthy show of agility and creativity on getting to the various places where different kinds of seed, plus suet, hung.

We enjoyed the Squirrel-du-Soleil private showing.

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