Last night we went bowling with one of our good friends. Our custom is to go bowling on Monday evenings when the pricing for bowling is more to our liking. We go with friends and then either celebrate or provide solace for how we bowled with ice cream from Braums.

Last night it was celebration for me.



I bowled a 193!!!!!! I was especially happy because I did it even with two splits in the game. :0)

The only time I bowled better was when I was in college. I was taking a course to fill out my schedule. I didn’t bowl well the whole semester. Then, for the last class, we had a thing they called, “Midnight Bowl.” That meant that there was a candle on each scoring table and NO lights anywhere else. We had to walk carefully not to fall on our heads. I am a spot bowler, so the fact that I couldn’t see anything really threw me for a loop.

I was forced to just look at the pins and throw the best I could. I scored 211 !!!!!!!!

The 130 I bowled the second game is more my usual speed. Sometimes I struggle to break 100. Since we’re all really erratic, the ice cream afterwards is a lifesaver. :0)

I took a pic of the scoreboard, since I knew no one would believe me unless I had proof. Woo HOOOOO! I enjoyed every minute – particular the three strikes in a row in the last frame. What FUN!


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3 responses to “Score!

  1. Congratulations Linda, bowling is fun 🙂

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