Recipe Riot


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I’ve gotten recipes from EVERYWHERE since I started my low carb lifestyle a little over a year ago, and then even more when I added low sugar or no sugar or diabetic recipes to our staples list. I’m now buried alive in recipes in cookbooks, on my Kindle, printed from the net, etc.

I’m trying LOTS of new recipes. Some are keepers, some are not. The ones that are good are now all over the place. I spend more time now trying to FIND a recipe than cooking it. :0(

I have a three ring notebook where I’m trying to organize the printed recipes from the net, but I still can’t remember if I got a recipe from that notebook, from a book… ARRRGH!

I finally decided to organize differently so I have ONE PLACE to check on a regular basis in order to make menus for the next week, grocery lists from the menus, and then to know where to go for directions on how to make the food.

I got an index box, much like this one.



I just got divider recipe cards so I have a way to organize stuff in the box.  I have 3×5 index cards.

Now I’m going through things, using a card to list some of our favorite recipes, listing it by category, such as snacks, appetizers, etc., and then writing the name on the card and the source (cookbook and page number, or printed out notebook and where it is).

This will definitely be a work in progress, but I should be able to get most of what we’re enjoying lately in the box relatively quickly, and then add to it as we find another recipe we like.

I’m trying to work through stuff in our freezers, too. I can find something, such as a pork loin, and should be able to quickly find the recipes we like the best using that cut.

At least, that’s the plan. Wish me luck!

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