Folding Myself into a Paper Airplane – Take 11

Since I’m being honest with you, I’ll admit that I’ve been intimidated ever since I received my new yoga DVD in the mail.  That’s dumb, but there it is. No one is telling me that I can’t just simply use the “Gentle Yoga” DVD set for the rest of my life. The same people who created it, though, are offering a follow-up, taking the practices to a new level.

I guess that’s what intimidated me – the idea of ‘taking it to a new level.’ The DVD has been sitting in the pile on the table by my chair in the living room since it arrived, 3 or 4 days ago. Not only have I not tried it, I hadn’t done the other practices that I knew I could do!

I was frozen in limbo.

Today I decided I would play it and just LOOK at it – kind of like steeling yourself to watch a snake wriggle across the room. Then – talking to myself – I decided I would get my stuff set up, just in CASE it wasn’t too hard for me to try.

I’ve just finished “Practice 1” (of the four on the DVD). It was wonderful.

I should have known that the instructor, Cat Kabira,  would guide me carefully through the poses, giving clear directions and reassuring me that if I tried to do the poses, I would get the same benefits as if I could actually fold myself into a paper airplane. This first practice was a series of wonderful stretches that hit the high spots, head to toe, along with the relaxation time at the end. I now am looking forward to doing Practice 2 tomorrow.

With the 2 DVD set of “Gentle Yoga” and the new DVD containing 4 practice flows, I have a total of 5 ‘flow’ practices and then 7 practices designed to target different parts of the body.

I’m gradually loosening up. I realize that I’ve spent many years getting stiffer and less flexible, and that I won’t correct the problem overnight. This wonderful instructor makes sure to remind you that as long as you’re trying to do each pose, you’ll get the same benefit as if you could actually touch your toes, or bend yourself into a pretzel shape. :0)

I’m learning to listen to my body, breathe into any tight, sore, or stiff areas, and I’m learning to relax. I’m FEELING much more. I realize what areas need work. I’m recognizing that I’m improving gradually!

I now heartily recommend the “Gentle Yoga Flows” DVD by Sixty & Me as a great follow-up to the “Gentle Yoga” DVD.

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