Promise to Myself

stop domestic abuse via desiree angelique hackett

stop domestic abuse via desiree angelique hackett

Lately, I’ve been ‘good,’ doing my exercises every day. I do well on my eating until after dinner – then spiral out of control. I’m thinking about wiring my jaw shut.

I’ve asked my husband, who keeps us well supplied with cashews, to hide them from me. I’m TRYING to only eat a sugar-free chocolate pudding after dinner and before bed.

The problem is that we eat about 7pm and don’t go to bed until about midnight. In that 5 hour expanse the kitchen calls to me.

This is ridiculous and I know it. I’m NOT starving to death. I could live off my fat for months. I’m trying to drink water after dinner and wait until about 9:30 for my pudding. So far, it’s a downhill spiral, making my poundage removed smaller.

I’m going to print this and hang it up somewhere in the kitchen to remind me, when I’ve answered the call, that I’m heading in the right direction….


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4 responses to “Promise to Myself

  1. For a while I have had this sugar cravings too, Linda. I have chosen to have a lot of fresh fruit in the house and when I prepare my food, I prepare a dessert in same time to enjoy right after the dinner. This helps me to not feel starving between the meals. There are also sugar in fruit, but much more healthy kind than in other things. Maybe you can use the same.

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