Sunday Evening

Best Wallpapers on Paper4pc

Best Wallpapers on Paper4pc

It’s almost 7pm and I just quit working for the day.

My husband and I are working on a program that will block crank calls and will let people we know through with no problem. This is very complicated, but we’re in the home stretch (we think and hope.)  We have the basic program, as well as a list of people we want to talk to, and a way to create another (automated calls, crank calls, people wanting donations, etc.)  Each time we get a call we don’t want, we’ll add the number to our unwanted list.

If you’re a real person and we have you on our list, the call comes right through. If you’re somebody we don’t know, it will ask you to press ‘1’ if you’re human and not selling anything, at which point we’ll hear it ring. If you’re on the bad list, you’ll get a message saying we don’t wish to talk to you. (It doesn’t ring in the house unless you’re somebody we know or someone calling for the first time since we implemented the new system.) It’ll be fun to see if it actually works. (Of course, if it does, we might have difficulty figuring it out because we won’t get the crank calls after awhile. :0)

A second project took up much of the rest of the day. We had four different address books, most of which were outdated, had wrong information, people we didn’t contact anymore, people who aren’t with us anymore, etc.

My husband found an online address book that you can input information, save all your input, print it in any fashion you would like, easily change, add, or delete information, print only the pages changed, print labels from the information, etc.

I worked from one address book at a time. When I finished the first one, I used the second to add more people, change information I had typed in, etc. I did this until we had worked our way through all the address books, plus our Christmas card list (newly updated.)

We’ve ordered some address book paper that will fit one of the books we have that is still good. The labels are on their way, too, along with new dividers. We input names, contact type, addresses, email addresses, home phone and cell phone numbers, and any notes we wanted to keep.

Soon we’ll have ONE place with all our business contacts, friends, and family!


Since I feel as if a truck ran over me, I’ll go fix dinner now and settle into my comfortable chair and enjoy a rented movie or taped TV shows, or both – assuming I can stay awake… :0)

I hope YOU had a good day, too!


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    Linda, Turn on NBC to see the Golden Globes at 7:00pm.

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