Magnolia Pearl Friendship Post via Zen to Zany

G. Henrichs via Magnolia Pearl Friendship Post via Zen to Zany

I’ve always found this to be true, whether it’s meeting strangers for the first time or getting to know relatives. Sometimes you almost don’t need to talk at all to recognize a special someone with whom you instantly ‘click.’ You feel you know them far better than you actually do, as far as details of their lives, but the heart of the friendship is feelings, basic reactions to life, maybe shared kinds of experiences.

I’m lucky to have both strangers who have become instant friends and relatives, as well. It’s such a comfort to meet someone of like mind. You don’t have to see them often or even communicate on a regular basis to feel close. And when you CAN be close, it’s as if you haven’t been apart at all. You don’t need to ‘catch up,’ although you do, and you care about all the details of what has happened, but the basic closeness never changes.

If you’re lucky enough to recognize this feeling, you’re rich. Nourish these special people, as they are definitely what makes our lives joyful.

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