Snow Day


This is my new hat, purchased at the hardware store yesterday, and worn with pleasure today, while putting new suet and feed in one of the bird feeders on the deck this morning.  I’m also thankful for my new boots with Thinsulate and rubber on the soles and toe. It’s 17 degrees in Greenwood, Arkansas right now. High is supposed to be 25, with 11 tomorrow morning. The public schools are closed, due to road conditions.



Happily, we don’t have to negotiate the bad roads to get to work! We got 2 – 3 inches of snow overnight. It’s not supposed to melt during the day, though it IS melting a bit on our sidewalks and driveway pad, due to the fact the temperatures didn’t plunge until a couple of days ago.



My husband said we could make it to Lunch Bunch, but I enjoy the option of not having to drive in it, unless we have to. When I called one of my Lunch Bunch friends, she said that she and our other friend didn’t want to get out in it, either.



Our son, who lives and works in Thailand now, asked me to take pics if it snowed so he could show them to his Thai pals, knowing they’ll be amazed. He said, “Thai people are bundled up against this ARCTIC BLASTWAVE, temperatures PLUNGING, sometimes the daily high is NOT EVEN 80°.” :0)






I’ve enjoyed walking around (carefully) in it today. I’ll probably go out again this afternoon to appreciate the crisp, cold air, the slight breeze, the hint of sunshine, and the fact that I can come back into a warm, dry house when I’m finished appreciating Mother Nature.




I’ve switched gears to working from my INSIDE list today, happy I can practice my yoga in the comfort of my living room this afternoon.



This is a complex of three (I think) evergreens that are a boarding house for MANY birds. A bunch of them are already enjoying the black oil sunflower seeds and two fresh packets of suet I put out for them.



Smoke wishes you a HAPPY WINTER!


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2 responses to “Snow Day

  1. I feel very grateful to enjoy your beautiful winter photos Linda, and I don’t need to get out in this either 😀
    Here is cold too, ice in the green areas in the morning. We don’t use to get snow here, so close to the sea, but behind the mountains not far away, they do get snow too.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, Irene. I would much rather see pictures than have to DRIVE in it, but we were able to get to town today, thanks to our good snow tires on the truck. It doesn’t snow here often, compared to other places in the U.S., and we don’t get more than 8 inches (considered a LOT of snow). We don’t do winter well here, in Arkansas. It’s usually combined with sleet or bad ice, and that ruins our trees, causes power problems, and is impossible to drive on.

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