Feeling Empowered


I know absolutely nothing about programming or how computers work. A couple of weeks ago, the program I use to be able to make changes on my website, Creative Artworks, wouldn’t come up. Trying not to panic, I tried everything I knew how to do, including rebooting the computer, and nothing worked.

My son is in Thailand, but we can chat through a program. I told him what my problem was. He led me through getting a terminal session on my computer, then finding the program he needed, then running a program, then checking to see if my program came up. It did!  He told me to keep the terminal session open. I did, but one night, when I couldn’t sleep, I came into the office and decided that I would copy the whole terminal session into a Mac program called NOTES. I copied and pasted it, and then went through to get the commands he had me type into the session and I put those at the top of the notes. I did this because sometimes my Mac reboots after adding updates. If it did, or I had to reboot because the computer went wonky, I would lose the terminal session.

Today my computer simply froze. I had to reboot. As I thought, I lost the terminal session. :0(  I checked, and my program wouldn’t come up – the same as last time. :0(

Instead of panicking, I went to the NOTES program. I brought up a terminal session, and carefully typed in the commands at the top. Then I went back to my access program and hit, “retry.” IT CAME UP AND IS WORKING!!!!


I’m so grateful that I have a smart son who came help me, using a chat program, patiently walking me through the problem. I’m thankful that my sleeplessness resulted in my copying what we did to fix the situation into my NOTES program. I’m thankful that it worked!

I don’t have to bother my busy son, who is across the world (12 hour time difference.).

I LOVE it when I can FIX the problem myself!!!!!!






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5 responses to “Feeling Empowered

  1. Good save! Glad all is well on the computer front.

  2. Good to hear, that you got all fixed, Linda 🙂
    In my family, we use a program called TeamViewer, it is free for private. If any has a problem, we can both open and connect our PC to each other, so it is possible to receive help. Fx my daughter in this way can control my PC after receiving the access and new code every time. In this way we have often helped my mother too.

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