What are YOU Watering?

Lifehack.org via Evie Zimmerman, Trendingly.com

Neil Barringham via Lifehack.org via Evie Zimmerman, Trendingly.com

Every year time goes by more quickly. When you get to be as old as ‘I’ am, it is really WHIZZING past your head and blowing your hair!

I’m continuing to try to get my to-do list under better control. At the end of each day, I want to be able to say that I did something of value.  “Value” is a relative term, I realize, but I mean something that has value to ME. It might be

  • something that will have bad results if I DON’T do it – such as paying bills on time, or mailing a book I sold.
  • something that will help me while also helping others, such as donations to the Veterans Thrift Store or the local library.
  • something that will make my husband smile, such as making a huge load of sausage balls for our lunches or snacks, or finding a sugar-free apple cider and ordering it for us.
  • something that makes ME smile, like planting things in our raised-bed square foot garden (or planning for it, or working in it, or harvesting from it….)
  • cleaning out, throwing or giving away, and re-organizing what’s left (something I’m doing a little bit at a time.
  • creating another decoration for our mailbox or metal yard critter with my husband
  • spending good time with family or friends
  • spending time in my art room, playing with some of my terrific supplies
  • relaxing and reading with my coffee beside me
  • doing a couple of sections of my yoga DVD

I ALWAYS have too many things and not enough time or energy to accomplish the list. That’s a given. What I’m trying to do is to make sure that I include FUN in each day possible. I’ll MAKE time to do things I can’t really justify, but love to do.  And I’ll consider it a day well spent if I don’t end up in the slammer for ignoring a ‘have-to,’ plus did something that gave me pleasure…

I’m watering my FUN grass this year. What are YOU watering?


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4 responses to “What are YOU Watering?

  1. I really like your post Linda. I find it important to do something just for myself every day, something as I feel for, this makes me happy.
    I do my best to live in the moment without forgetting the things like paying bills etc. This create more joy, I think.

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