Starting a New Year

Yesterday I wrote down a goal weight for the end of this month. This morning I had actually gained half a pound. I immediately started feeling like a failure – a long-held attitude from my past.

When I did it, the feelings overwhelmed me for a moment or two, and then I got disgusted with myself – not for the weight gain, but for the ATTITUDE. This year I’m going to concentrate on NOT putting down my efforts to improve.

I’m going to look positively at the differences between the ‘old me,’ and the ‘newer me’ and concentrate on trying to continue my efforts one meal at a time (in my efforts to lose the lard) and one day at a time (in my efforts to move more). I’m NOT going to set myself up for failure. If I’m better than I was, that’s a WIN.

I’m going to try to mentally picture my past failures going through the shredder above, lightening my load, lessening any guilt, raising my consciousness that I’m focusing on being a better me


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2 responses to “Starting a New Year

  1. Good attitude Linda, you can do it and you know it 😀

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