Shoed -In

Offbeat via Susan Phariss

Offbeat via Susan Phariss

We used the comparably good weather today – plus a required trip to Fedex in Fort Smith – as a great opportunity to get some winter boots for each of us. We both have real “combat boot” type boots that are good for really cold weather, but are uncomfortable. We decided to look for some more flexible boots with reasonable insulation that we could wear in the in-between cold-but-not-blizzard weather.

We went to our favorite Shoe Depot/Encore store in Central Mall. We each found some pretty good boots! I also got some gel insoles to put in mine. I also found two other pairs of winter shoes on sale :0)  – ankle high pull-on reddish-tan leather boots and some more regular flats for fall and winter.

When we got home, my husband looked online for the high top, moccasin-type shoes we both like. We were in luck, and he ordered a pair for each of us.

We are more than shoed-up, or shoed-in, now, fully ready – laced and tripping – for whatever weather comes our way.


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2 responses to “Shoed -In

  1. Nice to be ready for all the winter weather, Linda 🙂

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