Calvin and Hobbes – Happy New Year!


We hung up our new Calvin & Hobbes Happy New Year mailbox decoration!  This is the front of the piece. It doesn’t show here, but when the sun is shining on the piece, the “Happy New Year” glitters. :0)



This is the back of the piece. We had more problems than usual with this one, in that we put the overhead projector in one spot to do Hobbes’ face, had to move it to do Calvin’s, then flip the transparency over and reposition again to do the “Happy New Year.”

We’re hoping that folks passing our driveway will get a laugh from this one.



Filed under Lewis Art, Lewis Mailbox Decorations

2 responses to “Calvin and Hobbes – Happy New Year!

  1. Very funny one for Happy New Year Linda, I’m sure, that many will get a good laugh here 😀

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