A Wonderful Christmas Gift


This is an old picture of our son Brian and me, but it’s one of my all-time favorites. He gives absolutely the best hugs I’ve ever had, bringing tears to my eyes.

He’s living and working in Thailand. He loves it there. He can live alongside good friends, also from the States, do computer work for clients in the United States, and live the life he wants, cooking for himself, working out every day, meditating, and learning Thai.

We’re very lucky, in that we’ve always been close, and he’s a wonderful communicator. We have a chat program he set up that is super reliable and private. We can ‘talk’, sometimes in real time when we’re all up at the same time (he’s 12 hours ahead of us at any given time), or we can leave messages for each other. We can send music clips, photos, etc. We talk almost daily.  We tried Skype, but since we live in the sticks. we lose the connection and the images are fuzzy.

Today I checked the chat program to see if he’d left anything.

I read the second-best thing possible – (the first would be that he’s coming home for a visit) –

He’ll try to call us tomorrow for Christmas, when we’re all up at the same time!

Merry Christmas to us!!!!

And to YOU!


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3 responses to “A Wonderful Christmas Gift

  1. Great news Linda 🙂
    Which other program than Skype do you use? I ask, because I do sometimes have problems using Skype too with my kids.
    Merry Christmas for you and yours.

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