Yoga Interrupted

I’ve  been so busy lately that the days have gotten away from me – and with them – my daily yoga practice.

Today I decided it wasn’t going to happen again. I was doing my first section when my husband came in from the shop – hungry for lunch. He saw I was busy, so put the leftover low carb chili into the microwave to warm it up. He sat quietly – or mostly – while I finished my session.

I got up, heated the chili for a second time and we ate. I was going to do my second session, but we watched the news. Suddenly I woke up – not having noticed that I fell asleep while supposedly catching up on some of the day’s events.

I came in the office to write a couple of blog posts and wake up with some coffee.

I just went in to do my second session to find my husband in his lounger with a towel over his eyes, asleep.

Hopefully, he’ll wake up soon and I can finish. If not, at least I got ONE session in today…

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