String Art – Take 7












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2 responses to “String Art – Take 7

  1. And here I’ve thought for years that I was uniquely creative. Somewhere around age 6 or 7 Santa gave me a Spyrograph. Don’t know why but I took to that ‘toy’ like a fish takes to water. I was so lucky. My dad gave me a pen from his office that had 4 colors of ink!!!!

    Somewhere around age 10, I was still enthralled with Spyrograph magic and (DING! ZAP! VOILA!) I had an idea about converting my Spyrograph ideas to thread and cardboard. I made many many thread pictures. The one I remember most was a Thanksgiving cornucopia full of fruits. I have no clue what happened to all those masterpieces. I recently found the only survivor – a Bunny Rabbit with Large Ears. Can’t remember if I saved it or tossed it this time. But that rabbit sure triggered many happy memories.

    • You may not be “uniquely creative,” Melissa, but you’re sure in the group of people who can see things differently from the rest of us, creating paintings, and string art, etc., certainly a unique group of people. I particularly like the string art where the focus is on the negative – the part that ISN’T ‘stringed’ (if that can be considered a word or state of being. :0) I’m glad the rabbit made you smile.

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