A Very Nice Day


Fort Smith AR Nat’l Cemetery

My friend, Carla, and I went this morning to lay a wreath at her husband’s grave in the Fort Smith, Arkansas National Cemetery. Volunteers spent hours yesterday tying bows to the wreaths and more volunteers trucked them around the cemetery. Family members came this morning to put a wreath on their loved one’s grave. The wreaths will be up until January 2nd, I think, and then more volunteers will gather them, take the bows off, and store things away until next time. Burials are free for veterans and their spouses. A wonderful tribute to our brave men and women in uniform and their families.

We went to a local Fort Smith restaurant for brunch and good conversation after that. Also – to warm up a bit! The temperature was in the low 50s when we left this morning. By the time I got home, it was in the low 40s with a raw, cold wind. It’s supposed to go down to 16 tonight with a chance of light snow…

After brunch we went to one of our favorite places – Hobby Lobby. Neither of us needed anything, but that was beside the point. We both bought things that made us smile.



I got this metal sign for my husband. I hung it on the wall above our kitchen calendar so we’ll see it every day.



I guess these are made of some sort of treated paper, but I’ve never seen any Christmas ornaments like this before. I got two beige ones, like the one above, and two pale green ones, like the one below. Each of them has pearls and lots of sparkly glitter.





This sweet seahorse painting was on sale, and I couldn’t resist it. :0)



This picture doesn’t do this ornament justice. It’s super sparkly silver and simple glistens when light hits it. I just love it.

Finally, the next two pictures are of Carla’s present to my husband and me.



This is an electric cool mist diffuser. You can change the color! It has red, green, purple, blue, white, and more, I think. You fill it with water, drop in a few drops of essential oil in whatever aroma you like and turn it on. The mist goes up in a small column straight up from the center of the top. It turns itself off automatically when the water has been used up. So it’s very festive, plus adds needed moisture to the air. What a wonderful gift!



Yesterday I turned it to the purple setting, and today I changed it to red. I LOVE IT!

When we were on the way home, Carla stopped at her house so I could see her new rabbit. It’s about 12″ from nose to tail and she says it’s calico colored. I would describe it as a really soft between a mauve and caramel color. He likes to be petted! So far, Carla hasn’t been able to hold him, but hopefully, that will come soon. She’s added this new member of the family to her dog and two cats. :0)

I called my husband, who met us at Carla’s. We and her close neighbor were able to help her get a huge outdoor hutch out of the back of her truck and set it beside her shop. She’s planning to start raising rabbits in the future. For the winter, the rabbit is living in an indoor hutch inside the house. All the animals seem to be co-existing without problems, though the dog tends to sit right beside the hutch with her nose as close to the rabbit as she can get. The rabbit seems oblivious…

I got home and put all my new goodies away. Now I’m happy to hole up in my warm house while the weather outside deteriorates.


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