Painting and Drawing Fun

I had a fun afternoon painting.

I did some hand-painted note cards for 8 of my friends. (Those are drying overnight.). Then I went out to the shop to work on the Taylor’s shovel bird again. (I can’t remember WHAT, but something fell on him and broke his head off. We put him – and his head – in the car after we took the Taylors home from bowling Monday night.

Yesterday my husband was able to weld his head back on. Today I touched up the paint and replaced one eye that had fallen off in transport. (It’s drying overnight.) We’ll hope to return him to his new home NEXT Monday evening.

I got a huge surprise in the mail today. My husband took one look at the box and began to grin.

I opened the box to find a HUGE, glorious drawing set!



The set comes in a nice box.




I’m beyond thrilled. There are regular colored pencils, pastel pencils, watercolor pencils, then pastel chalks, charcoal, erasers, a sharpener, and more. When things finally tame down around here, I’m really looking forward to trying things out!  YIPPEEEEEE!



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3 responses to “Painting and Drawing Fun

  1. What a wonderful surprise Linda 🙂

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