You’re as Young as You Feel

Viral Spell

Viral Spell

I feel as if I’m 108 years old right now!

I’ve just come in from getting the front porch and deck ready for winter.

The last freeze we had killed the impatiens on the front porch and all the remaining plants on the deck. We’re supposed to have rain tomorrow (much needed) along with a cold front and much cooler weather, then a couple of days in the 40s followed by another, stronger cold front. I decided to use this last remaining day of temperatures in the 50s to get the last things taken care of.

I moved the deck furniture onto our screened back porch where they’ll avoid the worst of the weather. I emptied all the planters. I moved the smaller ones onto the porch and covered the rest with trash bags and duct tape. It now looks kind of forlorn on the porches and the deck, but I’m hoping that I’ve protected things enough they’ll come through the winter without harm.

I’m going to go put my feet up after starting another pot of coffee. When I get rested, I’ll put a meatloaf and salad together and call it a day.

I hope YOUR day was productive and fun.

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