My Favorite Christmases as a Child

Natural Image

Natural Image

Two Christmases in my childhood stand WAAAAAY out from the others –

ONE – I was a young teenager and wanted clothes. I particularly wanted feminine, pretty things to wear. My parents gave me the most beautiful pink pullover sweater I had ever seen. It was a very pale pink with long sleeves. It wasn’t only ‘fuzzy,’ it was SUPER fuzzy Angora or Mohair, with long, pale pinks wisps all over it. I felt like a princess in that sweater. (My husband even remembers it from when we started dating (I was 14).

This is very similar –



TWO –  The second Christmas that will always stand out vividly in my memory is the year my parents got my brother and me English 3-Speed Racing bicycles. I will never know how they kept the secret. We had no clue we would get such glorious bicycles. We had opened the presents under the tree and were relaxing. Then my parents said they thought they heard a noise in the garage. We all got up to see what was happening. There, where one of my parent’s cars usually was, were the two most glorious bicycles we had ever seen. We got on the bikes immediately and rode down the street, whooping with joy. We rode them until we left home, supposedly adults.

This is similar –




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