Minimal Spirit This Year

Amazing Animal Photos

Amazing Animal Photos

I’m glad I have friends to spend time with this Christmas. I’m having trouble getting into the spirit this year. I still love seeing the Christmas lights and cute Christmas pictures, but I put some wreaths around and that’ll be it, I think, for decorating for Christmas around here, unless the bug grabs me pretty soon.

Getting things for friends is such a joy. I find things all year ’round and stash them in a safe place until it’s time to give them. My husband and I always participate in the Angel Tree tradition put on by the Salvation Army, taking a long time to choose which child we would like to buy things for, and then getting as many things on their list – always including a coat, hat, and gloves – as possible.

We laugh because we picture the ‘perfect’ little child – a happy little boy or little girl – who will be delighted at what we’ve bought for them, smiling and laughing with delight. ‘Reality’ doesn’t figure into our fun in participating. We’re happy to be giving to a worthy cause in our own community.

I hope that wherever you are, you’re enjoying getting ready to celebrate Christmas, and that it’s full of friends, family, food, and happiness.


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4 responses to “Minimal Spirit This Year

  1. I find it beautiful, that you and your husband celebrate the Christmas in this way, Linda 🙂

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